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A Shrubbery brought to you by Troop 175

It wasn’t England 932 AD in the land of Camelot, but the brave knights of troop 175 trekked out in the snow, rain and even flooding to join the amazing … Continue reading

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Woodbadge – back then.

Dear Fellow 2012 Woodbagders, One of my ticket items is to create a troop history of my home troop 175 here in Niles. I was a member of this troop as … Continue reading

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First Annual Troop 175 Ten Commandments Hike

September 29th was our First (hopefully annual) 10 commandments Hike. This was a hike with several purposes. Since a Scout is reverent, this was an opportunity for any Scout to … Continue reading

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Gilligans Island redux

  Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful trip That started at SJB the School Aboard a tiny ship – Ok. you know … Continue reading

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It is in games that many men discover their paradise – Robert Wilson Lynd

And it was in the weather this past week at Napowan that we members of Troop 175 finally found something close to paradise! This would be my 6th year at … Continue reading

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White Pines

Troop 175 at White Pines June 2012

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Global Warming hits Baraboo

For the last 4 or so years that we have been going to Baraboo, the wheather in almost all cases has never really cooperated. One year it’s freezing cold, one … Continue reading

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Da Bears!

Sometimes we don’t even notice the most obvious things in life, even when they are RIGHT in front  of us. This weekend was a perfect example of this – After … Continue reading

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The Animagus, the Snipe and the Mountain Goat Trail

Once upon a time…….ok you know how the rest of it goes……..there lived a……………..SNIPE?   Anyone know what a snipe actually is? I’ve heard it is like the mythical bird every new Scout needs to seek … Continue reading

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Food for Thought

Many people think that young boys have NO idea about cooking; much less how to plan a meal, put a recipe together, and then to actually cook! Well that could not be farther … Continue reading

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