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It is in games that many men discover their paradise – Robert Wilson Lynd

And it was in the weather this past week at Napowan that we members of Troop 175 finally found something close to paradise!

This would be my 6th year at Napowan and as any Napowan veterans surely know, it is either blisteringly hot, loaded with mosquitos, wet as a rain forest or cold and miserable. If you have never been – prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

But this year we would have had none of that!

Except for a brief down pour on day one which lasted all of 2 minutes, it was as dry as it’s ever been at ol’ Camp Napowan. Almost 100% sunshine too! Never really above 85 degrees and WONDERFUL sleeping weather at night! We could not have asked for anything better!

A goal for this year was for the boys to run their camp as a “boy led troop” in conjunction with the patrol method.

With that in mind we left SJB at 815 am on Sunday morning, hoping we wouldn’t encounter much traffic or have any difficulty getting up to the camp – and we didn’t (except for the slight detour). So far so good!

And we arrived around 1230 had a very quick run through med check (thanks parents!!)  and made our way to the swim test post-haste.

Suffice it to say that all the boys who wanted to take the swim test did indeed pass and then if was off to set up camp.

This is always a fun part of camp; lots of enthusiasm for what lies ahead, everyone upbeat and ready to do some “SCOUTING”.

First order of business – tents:



Tents went up easy and it appears that we were once again the first scouts in Souix A – which meant that it was kind of messy. With Mr. B’s much-needed assistance, we were able to put up our rain fly:

We even did a gateway this year – prep for Jambo!

Then it was time for flags:

Another area of Scouting the boys concentrated on this year was making camp gadgets. They were quite creative with these:

Weather rock  – if its wet, its raining, if its shaking, theres an earthquake, etc etc.

An awesome cooking stand

A great tripod

And a bulletin board:

There were even some interesting duct tape products – lighter holders, wallets etc. These boys are creative.

Additionally I created some simple time eating “campfire” badges that the could keep the boys busy while they were sitting around the campfire being bored. These were non traditional topics like “Ghoststory telling”, “Standup Comedy”, “Video games” and even a “Poker Merit badge”. and about 10 others. Nothing official of course, but just something to keep them from boredom (email me if you want a copy – greg, ).

A fun one was the “duct tape” badge. One of the requirements was to make a gadget and also tape a leaders hands together. They seemed love this part:

Especially the part where they had to tape one of us to a tree!!

Another one was “Woodcutting”. Mr. B was the pefect counselor:

Of course with all that wood, we had lots of interest in making nightly campfires:

You would think that camp Napowan would burn down after this !!!

It was fun to see these faces at the 7 am wake up calls. Apparently they are no longer able to jump to attention at 6 am like they did only a few years ago!! Those teen years can be tough..

They look so sleepy:

Some of the other fun things they did this week:

Climbing (even night zipline)

Rocket launch


Rowing ( and swamping)


Nature work


Throughout the week, the boys usually work in one of several places; on real BSA merit badges.  For the non scout readers, there are several mb’s that the Scouts need to get the Eagle rank. One of these that first and second year scouts often work on is Environmental Science. This takes place at a program place called “Nature” ( as if some how the rest of the camp is in “non nature”!).  It really is a great way for the scouts to learn about many different elements of the outdoors. Plus they have to look for some really cool things like worms and spiders and snakes! – yeah, not a lot of Mom’s usually come up for the week.

More pictures at Nature


About mid week, we signed up to do a service project. Ours was to clean up a trail that had been blocked by a few downed trees amidst a heavy storm back in April. This was no small feat for us:



Another fun event was an “Amazing race” run. The Scouts were required to go from spot to spot and perform a certain act before moving on. One of them was a swimming race and then they had to race all the way to the other side of camp to finish the next one. The boys LOVED this and almost all of them competed.



As always, they love their campfires:

Although I’m not sure what they were dancing to here!

This was the famous “Hadji boo boo” performing for the troop.

He was a huge hit!

More fun at camp pictures – on the way to swimming


Kitten at Flintlock:

Dinning hall

Nap time ( it was required!!)

Over all another great year at Napowan. Almost all of them said they wanted to stay another week. Next year be prepared for that request

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Bryan on Scouting

The official blog of Scouting magazine, a publication of the Boy Scouts of America.

The Scoutmaster Minute

Helping to Deliver the Promise


All The Wrong News That's Unfit to Print is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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