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Cheers Cheers for Ol Napowan! *we are the best scouts from all around*

Welcome to Napowan!

Troop 175 Scouts in attendance: Jimmy C, Danny C, Mark N, Tony G, Frank S, Matt S, Matthew Z, Mark T, Eric B, Milton M. Michael B,

We left ON TIME from the SJB parking lot with Mr. Dave B pulling the Troop’s trailer ( thanks again Mr. B).  AND we only made one stop for gasoline & snacks & you know what?Since we did leave on time we actually arrived around noon and had to wait till 1pm to see for the staff.

Once there we met “Locks”; our Troop’s Ambassador. We then had our medical checks and went to orientation.

Then came the “WAIT”

Our turn for swim test/tags. This usually takes FOREVER, but in the end the boys all were tested and got their swimmers tests done.

It turns out this 4th week of camp had almost three times the usual number of people: about 500 scout or about 650 people: scouts, leaders and staff. Lets just say it was FULL.

After orientation, we finished setting up our campsite once again “Sioux A” where we have stayed for at least the last 10 years.

It’s a lovely site and right next to the parade grounds.

We then attended the Flag retirement for the day:

 [never say “Announcements” or else … ask your scout to sing the Announcements song]

All Troops attended the evening Fire bowl with the Napowan staff and it was great fun.

We were all tired enough to sleep well, but what would Napowan be without a major drama? In years past it has been, a tornado, hail, lightening, various injuries, bad behaviors, fights etc, so why should 2011 be any different? Like clockwork, this time coming right on the first night, Napowan did not disappoint. A strong rain storm, complete with thunder & lightening came to visit like a long-lost Aunt or Uncle at 3:30AM! Woken from his sound slumber, a groggy Mr. Connolly had to walk from tent to tent, checking in with all scouts and leaders to make sure all was well and pass out words of encouragement – sorry no Teddy bears, this is Scouting ya know!

So some of the bolder scouts decided that they could not sleep either than and left the safety and comfort of their tents to sit under the canopy and hope that the storm would pass….we only wish we were so lucky!! While there are no pictures of this, the stories will likely last a lifetime. Oh and yes we did indeed survive till the next day

So then Monday was not only a groggy, but also a soggy morning. Troop 175 stood together in the Parade Field for Flags and messages. We went and sat together at an assigned table at the dining pavilion.


Our troop’s “hopper” served breakfast: pancakes & sausages. Cereal and milk were always a breakfast option &/or extra.

Wake up Frank!

The scouts reviewed their schedules, and then got into “buddy mode” so that they could travel to their activities for merit badges.

In case no one has mentioned this in years past, while the food at Napowan isnt always the best, it’s not usually the preparation that causes problems. Usually it’s the selection. As in , “eeeeewwww, I’m not eating that”.  To me, this is where your son has no choice but to try out some different foods and usually they find that they like them. If not, there is always PBJ’s or salad – cause you know how much teen age boys love salad!! (Hey, they do end up eating it)

After the fun on Sunday night most of the scouts sat around the campfire the next night, talking about TV shows and movies, including many things that you probably hear about all the time and still can’t figure out why these things intrigue them, but I digress….Or they spend most of the time either teasing each other, or chasing away our unwelcome guest  – the raccoons!!

Napowan also has events at night, things like the Hillbilly Hoedown, and Haunted Flintlock, Hula Night at Aquatics. It’s all good fun. I didn’t know they had snuck in a tatoo night!

The ealy part of the week finally had some dry weather and the scouts of troop 175 were able to get over to Flintlock and work on some merit badges.

 Interesting merit badges of the week:

Leather work

Rocketry: (no one got blown up)


First Aid:

(Tough love; we had to teach him a lesson!!! Just kidding)

Many scouts went to the lake, and had some fun working on the “burying” merit badge

The boys did some kayaking, canoeing or small boat sailing.

As usual our resident “Fire Expert” ( translation – pyro) Matt S along with soon to be Eagle  Scout Tony G made a huge campfire at the campsite. No pictures (please send them if you have them)

Mr. Dave B helped others set up hot dogs in a pot on camp stove w propane. It was a cool evening. Most of had long pants & sweatshirts to wear. Some camp staff stopped by a while.

We had a staff member come out and give us a talk on Disability Awareness. This was very useful and the Scouts learned much. Later that evening all the leaders were treated to separate dinner in the dining hall: steak, salad, corn on the cob & ice cream, while the camp staff “hopped” for the scouts’ pizza dinner at the dining pavilion. Most of our scouts returned to our campsite for the evening; however a few went to Ninja night or pirate night.

We did a round of Thorns and Roses-Buds. Most scouts talked about their individual merit accomplishments and all appeared to have had a good week.

Several leaders met at Leaders’ Lounge before Flags. Troop photo by Napowan sign after breakfast.

At 8pm on Friday the troop hiked over to “Firebowl” for farewell week celebration with skits or songs from each Troop. Fiddle, a camp staff leader, shared his personal story of scouting and trip to Alaska. He had received a USA flag there and wanted to “retire it in the fire ceremony that night.

The camp staff did their traditional farewell in the darkness, singing traditional song and existing while still singing refrain.

Scouts woke up gradually, wore class B shirts, except for Frank S who wore his uniform. Frank S was the morning chaplain at Flags. Many scouts received certificates and recognition for contests and completing C.O.P.E., including several from our troop: Tony G, Mark N, Jimmy C,

Locks, our Troop’s ambassador, stopped by; visited us at our campsite & helped us pack.

The scouts did the police line for Leave No Trace.


We happily left the kybos & mosquitos behind; or did we?

Another Great year at Camp Napowan.  See you  next year !!

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Bryan on Scouting

The official blog of Scouting magazine, a publication of the Boy Scouts of America.

The Scoutmaster Minute

Helping to Deliver the Promise


All The Wrong News That's Unfit to Print is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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