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Starved Rockin

“The sport in scouting is to find the good in every boy and develop it” – Baden Powell

If you approach any campout  – or  any other troop event for that matter – with the above thought in mind, it can only be one thing – FUN!

Yes boys will try you from time to time, but for the most part, they all have some fantastic qualities just waiting to be found.

This weekend was another opportunity to explore the spirit of BP’s wisdom above.

I think this is the first time that we actually have gone south on a campout. It seems like we only camp exclusively in Wisconsin. This trip was to an area near Starved Rock in Utica Il. We now know that the traffic is just as bad going south on a Friday as it is going north. So we either have to leave REALLY early in the future – ( which just isn’t possible with school ) or we leave much later – please leave a comment! It didn’t really matter anyway since they watched Two Towers on the way down. One of the Scouts later told me that he needed to watch this movie for his Citizenship in the Community badge……..OK, Orc and Elves making laws? I don’t get it……..

A friend of the troop offered us the use of their family camper at the “Woodsmoke Ranch” and since we would be “Camping” it was hard to pass up.

Unfortunately we didn’t expect that most of the boys would rather stay in the camper watching movies (do they ever get sick of Spaceballs) in the A/C! Since it was late and we had spent a good amount of time making the fire and having a cracker barrel, we let the “Schwartz be with them” (Spaceballs inside joke). Oh and while the boys were nice and comfy in the RV, we leaders set up a tent in the yard and had to withstand some pretty heavy rain! Ok, we’ll find the good in them somehow!!!.

We had a fantastic breakfast by a couple of our newer Scouts – bacon, pancakes and sausage.

 It’s really amazing to see how the new boys want to help out and be part of the troop by cooking. They approach it with such vigor too!

The plan was to hike at Starved Rock and this we did. Before we left, we stopped at the visitor center.


 Don’t think for a minute your scout isn’t paying attention to current events. After watching the informational video about the park, the credits listed an interesting line – Courtesy of Governor George Ryan – to which OUR scouts all laughed IN UNISON! Now I’m sure some of them didn’t really get it, but it still….

Starved rock is a beautiful place and we should and we saw many wonderful vistas.

The great thing about the park, in addition the sights, is the fact that most of the trails are wooden planked – making for less mud and dirt!

We also got to climb on some of the fantastic natural rock formations – I think I had as much fun as they did! Just to spend a day walking in some of these canyons is quite the trip.

I will say that they maps are not all that accurate, but we found our way to “Lovers Leap” where no one leapt, but a scout did happen to drop his sunglasses over the wooden deck and then another dropped his water bottle. We retrieved them both.

Since the weather was so nice, sunny but not too hot, few bugs and low humidity, we had a great time and got a lot of exercise – LOADS of stairs.

Back at camp, the boys wanted to do some swimming and fishing. The weather cooperated and everyone had a great time swimming and we also caught some fish. It’s funny how they always want to catch them and keep them, but as they get older they also really want to clean them and eat them! So of course we did have to do some fish cleaning and it’s too bad that some of the boys who missed the opportunity to catch fish at summer camp couldn’t be there to finish the fishing merit badge.

On the way back to camp we stopped at the little arcade they had in the campsite and after seeing how little they had in terms of “cool games” we quickly exited. However, a woman came up to us and asked us if we had seen anything offensive in there and if we would mind pointing it out? She explained that she was a board member of the association and had received a complaint. She asked if we would take another look because she didn’t see anything. We went back in and in fact there was a game that was somewhat suggestive, but you had to click a few places and then play the game to actually find out what it was. She thanked us and told us she would unplug this game since this was a family organization. Thanks Boy Scouts. All is well and good.

What was so funny to me was that at first, none of the boys had a clue about anything being offensive, but as soon as they were told about it, they found it in a matter of seconds (it was just an animated picture of a girl in a bikini)….and as I was pointing this out to the scout who found it, out resident comedian aptly said, “hey guess what, that’s your good turn for the day!!!”……………nuff said. As BP said, it’s a sport to find the good in them!

We had a great dinner and a great fire – yes we did clean the fish-

(I’ll bet the fish didn’t think it was a just flesh wound) –  some of the boys even enjoyed eating them ( bluegill are really tasty). We had a bunch of fun events planned which included a cracker eating contest –

Not sure who really won,

Scout improv

For more pictures see the Troop web page – so efficiently put together by Mr. Dan Wiechec.

Happy Scouting

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Bryan on Scouting

The official blog of Scouting magazine, a publication of the Boy Scouts of America.


All The Wrong News That's Unfit to Print is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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