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Ok I always start off with a traffic report for our trips, perhaps to get some sympathy from all of you who do NOT have to drive out of the city on a Friday afternoon. We even tried to leave early this time, but this was one of the WORST I have ever seen. It was backed up all the way to Randall road.  I guess we will just have to live with this or maybe someone would donate a small plane?????

Baraboo is always a fun trip; even with the traffic, the ride was enjoyable. The weather was the best I think we have ever encountered on the way up and the forecast was excellent. Of course you can imagine our shock when it started pouring rain RIGHT AS WE ARRIVED!!! I don’t think I can remember a trip where we had to set up in the rain – during and at the end of the campout yes. Not at the start. Well, lucky us, since it stopped right as we pulled up.

We then found out that this year had the biggest turn out ever – over 2500 people.
The Glaciers Edge council really does a great job with this event and lots of people must agree since this was their 24th year. I really wish the NWSC did an event like this every year – wouldn’t that be cool!!

So after one of the best sleeping weather nights, we awoke to a glorious day-

The march to the flag ceremony was just as picturesque this year as in years past – and look how happy the boys are:

One of our newest scouts

Catapults….How cool is that? See what you boys who stayed home missed?

Circus World museum – for anyone who has never been has a great display of clowns

 – Harry J and Frank S.

Thomas the train never grows old does it? ( I wish we had those when I was a kid!!)

More Clowns:

Evan B

Henry K.

Justin V.

Jimmy C

Danny C

Snakes – OOOHHHHH… Mark T. looks a little unsure…..

Take a look at these fine young men in a picture at the scouting museum….circa 1937!!

Loads of neat things to do at this event:

Leather Branding

Metal working:


This was supposedly 1500 degrees

There was an additional scouting museum here which had loads of old uniforms, patches and other items

Of course a trip to a fair grounds in rural Wisconsin would just not be complete without some form of animal judging/riding/feeding or slaughtering…..and so just to make sure we fully engaged in the culture, the boys made sure they didn’t miss the annual pig wrestling contest……Three brave souls from troop 175 valiantly submitted their names to do battle with these horrific porcine beasts.

And they did indeed have a “swine” time this day.

Alas, the mighty 20 pounder affectionately named Obama, looked these 3 brave knights right in the eye and swore that they would not be able to pin him down in less than 45 seconds.

But like a girl scout trying to sell that last box of cookies, these boys would not take a NO – or an OINK – for an answer. And so in less that 33 seconds they were able pin this ravenous beast to the ground for a spectacular victory.

Ah, but speaking of Girl Scouts, the boys – Harry J, Frank S and John K. that is – “surprisingly” ended up sitting right next to a group of Girl Scouts right after their feat of bravery. However, not to be out done, the girls then proceeded to join in the fun and proceeded to pin their pig in less than half the time we did.

I was truly embarrassed by this, as I m sure the boys were. After introducing myself to the girls as the Scoutmaster – John Mazur – I pointed out that our boys don’t get out much, and they just weren’t feeling all that good on this day….…………….( ok they bought it). Seems they might name a tropical fruit drink the “Mazur” up there  next year in our honor….(Ok just kidding….)

In a first for our annual trips up to Baraboo, the Circus World Museum added in the Buffalo Bills Wild West show.

This is the same show that stated in 1883. A little local history on this show and William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody:

He set up an exhibition near the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893, which greatly contributed to his popularity, and also vexed the promoters of the fair. As noted in The Devil in the White City, he had been rebuffed in his request to be part of the fair, so he set up shop just to the west of the fairgrounds, drawing many of their patrons away. Since his show was not part of the fair, he was not obligated to pay the promoters any royalties, which they could have used to temper their financial problems.

The boys were treated to a fantastic display of cowboy skill, marksmanship and many other acts as well.


Wild Bill himself

Annie Oakly

Stage Coach Robbery

For the money, this was probably one of the best years we have ever had at an event. After the Wild West show, a little Pizza – thanks Mr. B – the boys were treated to another act – this time a by a few jugglers who were quite good and very entertaining.

The night was not quite over just yet. While some of the boys were able to enjoy the “teen dance” , the others enjoyed a lovely night in front of the fire, making smores and some good friendships.

Great trip. Try and make it next year.

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Bryan on Scouting

The official blog of Scouting magazine, a publication of the Boy Scouts of America.

The Scoutmaster Minute

Helping to Deliver the Promise


All The Wrong News That's Unfit to Print is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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