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Opening Day Camporee 2010

Camporee 2010 – Opening day 2010

Funny how the Camporee usually begins Troop 175’s camping season at the same time as the Baseball season. Maybe we need a song like Take Me out to the Ball Game? I think Mark N. would be happy to sing it!!

We are no baseball team, but when it was looking like the game might be over at the bottom of the ninth with 2 outs and a 3-2 count for the home team, troop 175 came through and made it happen. See, we had a little mix up on the number of attendees and even though we had our new mini trailer ready, we were all but full and short a seat for one boy. Poor Tim D. had to ride on the roof the whole way there….he’s a real trooper!! NOT. Just kidding, he did not. We moved some things around and viola, we found some space and were on our way.

This years Camporee was held at Indian trails campground in Janesville Wis. This is about 30 minutes over the border outside of Rockford, so the drive wasn’t too bad – except when I got off at the exit before the Belvedere Oasis by mistake. We didn’t really get lost going to a new place, so this was a good start. I have to point out how troubling it is to me that after driving all over Illinois and Wisconsin, seeing all the flat farm land, wherever we end up camping, it inevitably involves a campsite that either requires a long walk to access or a HUGE hill that we have to traverse! This was no exception:
It looks a lot smaller than it was. Can you believe that!! Never fails…..
At least the weather was nice. Friday night was chilly- just like opening day (as always at this time of year) – but I think most of the boys were prepared and seemed like they were able to get some sleep after setting up their tents – although we didn’t get to bed till about midnight. Oh yeah, I forgot, we actually asked the Newbies to go find a left handed smoke bender, but we didn’t stop them before they left camp to let them in on the ruse. Justin V. Mike P. and Danny C. went from site to site asking for these elusive items….they were told by one troop they would trade theirs for 50 feet of shore line…hehehehe…….

Since we were camping in the parade ground – tent city style like a Jamboree-w e could not make any ground fires. So we had to use this portable fire, which came in quite handy. (John K. cleaning his shoes….)

Good morning Matt S.

Jimmy C and Mark N and Justin V. all talking about how cold it was that night as well as what Pokemon they dreamt about..

Breakfast was delicious French Toast – thanks to the cooks:

We were camped right next to the Rock river which was very scenic

The Flag ceremony was a bit different this year, highlighted by one of the camp staff dressed in a WWI Uniform. We were informed that boys used to wear these instead of the ones we have today and their ranks and merit badges were sewn on their sleeves:

They also did TAPS with a bagpipe as well as a bugle. How cool is that!
What a great flag raising they did. It always makes me proud to see these fine young men doing this:

What a great Opening Day huh?

Since the theme this year was back to 1910 -100 years of scouting – the boys went from station to station doing different events from that era – Semaphore, Tracking, etc. Our troop leaders assisted at the “Spear throwing” site, and our boys had lots of fun with this event:

Even Baden Powell himself joined in for the fun:

This boy was the only one to hit the bullseye all day long:

Some of the troops were very creative with their spears – we had to improvise in camp that morning:

This was an interesting one to say the least(It didn’t fly too well)

Reading through the reprint of the 1910 Scout manual I came across a neat game that Baden Powel wrote about himself called “Catch a thief”. Basically, you quietly inform each boy separately that there is a THIEF in the camp who has been charged with stealing some object from camp and trying to get to a certain location before anyone else catches on. The Non Thieves are charged with stopping the thief and getting the item back and taking it to the location themselves for a prize. They all loved the secrecy and intrigue of this game, but I guess I picked the wrong thief. Michael P, one of our newer scouts is also quite the athlete, and not long after starting the game, he snatched the object – a dish rag – and took off. Only Evan noticed at first, but when he started off, almost the entire troop took off after Mike. But he was too fast for them. Of course they could not let this one go, so we played it several times for the rest of the weekend, and I think it was a roaring success. Thanks Baden Powell!!! (He’s got a LOAD of other games like this that we plan on doing soon – some we can even do around town ).

After a delicious dinner of foil wraps and chili, we readied ourselves for the OA ( Order of the Arrow) Ceremony. This is a special event where the boys find out if they have been chosen by their peers for entry into this group at the camp closing fire bowl.

This is done around a huge bonfire

You can’t really see it, but the guy in the background is wearing the full Indian Head dress.

We also did the Famous Submarine skit – thanks Mr. B. The boys need some work on the word “dummkopf”. Overall they are good actors!! (I think this is where they fired torpedo # 3)

One odd thing about this camp was the Electrical wires running throughout the camp. All quite large and NOISY too.

Beautiful place. The boys had lots of fun.

P.S – Unfortunately, we did not win any of the events, however I was hoping one of our scouts might have lost something that they would have had to sing for to get back at the final camp gathering. Alas, after several versions of “I’m a Little Tea pot ” and  “Row Row Row your Boat”, we couldn’t even win for LOSING!!!!!

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Bryan on Scouting

The official blog of Scouting magazine, a publication of the Boy Scouts of America.

The Scoutmaster Minute

Helping to Deliver the Promise


All The Wrong News That's Unfit to Print is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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