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Holy Smokes Batman, we’re in the Bat Cave!

Holy Smokes Batman, we’re in the Bat Cave!

Yes there were bats, but they were just one of the many “other” creature we encountered this weekend at Eagle Cave. For those of you who could not make it, you missed a great time and it seemed unanimous that we all wanted to go back next year. If so, we actually need to plan now!! They get booked that far in advance. …

Ok so, we missed 3 boys to sickness this time, and a fourth for another reason, but at least we knew who WAS there. And they even appeared all ready and prepared for a great weekend. EXCEPT – it was as cold as a “you know what“ when we left and no one was looking forward to the 4 hour drive. Nevertheless, we did get out of the SJB parking lot on time despite Mr. Mazur’s attempt to deliver a Scoutmaster minute over an hour format!!! ( Sorry John, but its just too cold for that!!) Our ride was notable for a few reasons. Reason #1 – we actually made it to the Belvedere exit before we had to make a potty stop! Usually it’s the Union stop – are the boys getting stronger bladders or was it because we only had 5 of them? Who knows, but it the traffic wasn’t too bad, and since Reason #2, Mr. B. brought the radios and we passed some time having fun joking around with each other.

The directions get a little difficult once you get outside of Madison, but if you have never taken a drive along the Wisconsin river on route 60, it is quite scenic. It should be in the tour books as such.

We were making good time when low an behold, right in front of a farm, we almost hit a cow! Not a deer, a raccoon or dog, but a COW!!. That would have been really ugly – 1000 lbs at 60mph would not have been good! (Harry kept asking afterwards if we could go back and tip it!!! I should have let him try!)

All was well and good. We did miss the entrance to the cave, but quickly righted the ship. At about 9 30pm we stepped into the cave for the first time. The boys were antsy to check it out, but they do give you a snack so we went up for that and of course got side tracked in the game room – yep, GAME ROOM ( see what you missed).

We ended up sleeping in the “river room” all the way at the bottom of the cave and even though most of the cave is 50+ degrees, there was a closed off exit right next to our sleeping area and I think it was maybe 40 where we were. No one slept too well that night.

We did find out though that we were sleeping with bats. Just a few. Everyone seemed to think they were frozen to death, but after a few “naughty” scouts pelted them with stones ( not 175), they were flying all over the room. ( What happened to the “Outdoor code”?!!)

Saturday saw more exploring – myself included – and the cave was just as fun today as it was when I was there 30 + years ago. (No I did not get stuck in “fat mans misery” ).

 After lunch a new creatures seemed to be invading, one that the boys were very happy to see and one which the boy’s who did not attend would make them wish they did….Girl Scouts!!! This made for an interesting afternoon…ohhhhh hormones…….. We took a side trip to our favorite little Wisconsin town – Baraboo – and spent some time in Mr. B’s favorite army surplus store! We passed this Amish guy on the way there in his Amish Lamborghini.

When we got back, there was now even more reason to explore the cave, and this they did. Dinner was good and I would say that they have a nice little menu planned for every meal. No one went hungry and we were in and out pretty quick from the mess hall.

More exploring for some of the boys, while a few other went for a GeoCache hike. GeoChaching if you don’t know, is where someone places a container somewhere with something of small value in it. You are given the coordinates and you have to go find this container using a GPS. Usually you replace what you find with something of similar or greater value and then log your name. Funny enough, I was walking around the cave and started climbing in this area and took these pictures. 30 minutes later, the boys’ found a cache in there. Nice.

They do give you a list of places where these can be found, so we went off on a little adventure for one. It took a little work but we finally found it. However it was stuck inside and we couldn’t reach it. So we had to move it around a little bit before we got it. GeoCaching was kind of exciting. Since you have to do some work to find these things. I think we should try this on every camp out!

That night they had Bingo in the mess hall, and even though Mr. B and Harry got close, we could not bring home the gold for Troop 175. We did manage to get some games of Pool in – Harry seemed very skilled at this game for some reason…a young shark in the making…..

We did sleep a little warmer that night – I know I did, but probably because I sat in front of the fire for a bit.

The only drawback is the fact that if you need to go to the bathroom, you have to get up and walk all the way back outside and up the hill. This is no fun at 3am, but to be honest, most of us were either so tired we went right back to sleep, or we just resigned ourselves to the fact that sleep was something to catch up on Sunday, cause we were having too much fun.

I know 5 boys who want to go back next year. Who’s with em?

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Bryan on Scouting

The official blog of Scouting magazine, a publication of the Boy Scouts of America.

The Scoutmaster Minute

Helping to Deliver the Promise


All The Wrong News That's Unfit to Print is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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