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Shot in the Dark

Ok. Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I should have posted something about Cantigny. That will be forthcoming

However, here’s a little info about the latest camping trip

A shot in the dark…….(pictures forthcoming)

Note to self (and all the other scouts and parents) – not matter where or what the trip ALWAYS BRING A FLASH LIGHT!! (Oh and see if you can book your campsites a little earlier!)

Here’s the deal, we booked the site so late – parents get your permission slips back sooner – that we could only get 2 “walk in sites”. We weren’t quite sure what that meant, but we didn’t expect what we got.

Now, even though we left at a reasonable hour, we literally SAT on 294 for a good 1 1/2 hours before it cleared up. This meant that once we got to the site, we would once again be setting up in the dark. I think that the only time we are not setting up in the dark (of course I am in the dark most of the time mentally, but that’s a different story), is White Pines and Napowan. UGH – Thus the need for flashlights…..BE PREPARED!! Last yera we did get to use the lights from our cars and that made things MUCH easier. No such luck this year.

“Walk in Site” means just that..a LONG walk to your campsite. AND since we only had a few flashlights, we had to walk in groups. Ok, I’m all for camaraderie, but the trail was about a block long and was loaded with big rocks and ruts. Oh did I mention mosquitos, chipmonks and other varmints?

OH and one last thing, it was hunting season. Guess when they hunt for Raccoon? Yep, at night. Ok Mom’s your kids weren’t in danger from hunters ( no hunting allowed in the camping areas), but we would hear the occasional shot way off in the distance – when we weren’t huffing and puffing from all the gear we had to lug. One more thing, since we had too many boys, they could not accommodate us in one site. We had to get 2 smaller ones and we could only setup up 3 tents at each site. OH – they weren’t right next to each other either.

To make a long story short, we did not get done setting up and unloaded until almost 11 pm. Nice huh? AND right as we were unloading, several other campers showed up and took up all the parking spaces that were left. “So what” you might ask? Well, I thought we would treat the boys to some fun on the water and brought my boat. This worked well, because we were able to put almost all the supplies in the boat and cover it up. Except, where were we going to leave it? Since the other cars kinds of blocked us in, it looked to be a fun morning trying to get out.

Heard enough bad stuff? (No good deed goes unpunished). Day/Night 1 was not turning out well. (NOTE: One of the reasons I love camping so much is that I sleep so well at night – not sure about everyone else, but you ALL should join us if for no reason other than this). This, by the way, was some of the best sleeping weather we have had camping all year.

Ok, we awoke to a glorious morning in a the middle of a wonderful pine forest. The boys all chipped in to help make a great breakfast – thanks to Mr. Wiechec for the shopping.

 Sausage, eggs, and hash browns. Delicious. I think most of the boys have now completed the cooking requirements all the way up to first class. So mom and dad, when your scout says he does not know how to cook, don’t believe a word of it. They all do a great job.

Plans for the day were set – hike in the morning, then on the boat tubing. We did about 5 miles on the ice age trail, which is quite hilly at parts.

The weather was perfect – not to hot, no need for a coat. About the only threat we encountered was a nasty hive of Yellow Jackets, who seemed not to like a few of our scouts. We did come across a hunter, and I don’t think he wasn’t aware we were coming – Adam was near the front and talking as always. I think he forewarned the entire county!

Lunch was awesome – sandwiches etc – and off to the lake. John K. helped me put it in the water, but for the 2nd time in 10 years, I forgot to put the plug in. We didn’t sink, but the pump to get rid of the excess water was attached to the other battery, which is dead. OK after a little work, we dried out and went to get our first tubing victim – ooops, I mean participant. All the boys at first we a little cautious, but they soon started signaling “faster” which we of course obliged. I even went for a tube – thanks Mr. Mazur. It was loads of fun. Whitewater lake is a nice little hideaway if you ever want to go boating. The boys all thought they could hang on, but I managed to dunk em all – Justin was tough to knock off, and Evan and the most spectacular wipe out of all. He looked like he did a complete 360 into the lake. They all came up smiling and most wanted to keep going. If anyone has water ski’s I would be happy to bring them and let the boys try that next year.

There was a little beach there as well. And a fishing dock. Sorry I don’t think any were caught, but they had a great time at the lake nonetheless.

After all this activity, we went back to camp for dinner – tacos were the main course. Great meal once again – although we had a little accident where someone managed to knock over an entire pan of meat!! We had PLENTY LEFT.

Since there were 2 sites and not enough room for everyone around the one campfire, we kind of split up. It didn’t really matter this time, since most of the boys were so exhausted that some were sleeping after 8:30.

While the clean up was quick and easy, the boy’s still had to lug all their stuff back to the car’s (UPHILL NOW) the next morning. Everything went well on the way back and we were back before noon. I hope we were able to deliver a very well exercised boy back to you – I heard they all had loads of homework, so I m sure they wanted to do nothing but study, right?

Our next camping trip will be the over night in the PMC sometime in October. Then the next event will be Eagle Cave. Your scout will not want to miss this one. It will be loads of fun. Exploring a cave is an experience I have never forgotten. This is a really cool place. And the food is included!!! Look for your permission slips on this one and send it in asap.

Don’t forget to join us on Facebook – Go to “Troop 175 Niles”.

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Bryan on Scouting

The official blog of Scouting magazine, a publication of the Boy Scouts of America.

The Scoutmaster Minute

Helping to Deliver the Promise


All The Wrong News That's Unfit to Print is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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